Dr. Suzanne Haley, D.M.D., Presenter

Incorporating Dental Sleep Medicine Into Your Practice!

Dental Sleep Medicine is not impossible, it’s achievable. Sleep disorders are recognized as a significant health issue in the United States. Now more than ever, dentists have a unique opportunity to screen patients and offer solutions to the potentially damaging and life-shortening consequences of undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)..,find out more!


Introducing the GEMPro, for every dental practice, and every dental patient

"screen for its presence, determine the cause, treat the cause, verify the solution"


Screen for Bruxism even before tooth patterns appear

- Bruxism linked airway issues frequently goes undetected in young patients
- Dentists see young patients more frequently than physicians
- Insurance codes exist for SaO2 and surface EMG
- Untreated airway issues can lead to serious health consequences, know when to refer

The dental exam can be the first line of defense for many serious medical issues, including airway disorders

Know the Cause of tooth wear before you start a RESTORATION

- The GEMPro calibrates the masseter EMG “Maximum Bite Force”
- Determine if Bruxism is idiopathic or caused by airway disorders
- Treating the cause of Bruxism will reduce restoration warranty work
- Determine if tooth protection, a change in sleep position or medical referral is indicate
- Retest, protective tooth appliances have been shown to create airway disorders 

For under $1 per patient, the dentist may reduce future damage to restorations and know that airway issues have been addressed



  • The GEMPro identifies the presence of Bruxism before tooth wear appears 
  • The GEMPro is not an apnea monitor and cannot diagnose apnea
  • SpO2, Snore Sound, and Surface EMG graphs are color coded for by Body Position
  • SpO2 is tabulated to easily identify the range of oxygen desaturations
  • Calibrates the EMG signal to predict the strength of clenching during sleep


  • 1 year Clinical and Technical Support
  • 6 hours of training on sleep disorders
  • 1 year coverage on loss or damage ($250 deductible/occurrance, tablet not included)
  • Access to NOX T3 medical sleep apnea monitor for apnea diagnosis with qualified medical physician