"The GEMPro provides such vital information, we have decided to test ALL our patients!  The GEMPro efficiently captures their baseline Oxygen Desaturations, Snoring, Bruxism and Body Position. 
GREAT PRODUCT, we have 6 systems!".

Daniel Meyer, DDS


DDME Solutions Empower the Dental Practice to evaluate causes of excessive tooth wear by taking the complex medical/dental clinical issue of Bruxism and Sleep Apnea and differentiating their solutions into dental or medical appropriate treatment options.

The management of DDME have 40 years of experience in developing and marketing clinical solutions and are focused on providing the highest level of products and services contributing to the financial health of our customers by improving the clinical health of their patients.


Las Vegas, NV


if Bruxism or Sleep Apnea were present BEFORE you implement the tooth restoration plan?  
Now you can with The GEMPro!

Facts about identifying and treating Bruxism

  • Bruxism can now be identified BEFORE tooth wear appears
  • Bruxism and Sleep apnea are linked – Patients who grind their teeth may have an underlying airway issue
  • Treating Bruxism incorrectly may worsen the underlying airway issue
  • Worsening the underlying airway issue has significant health consequences and may shorten the life of tooth restorations

Our Latest Product - The GEMPRO!

The GEMPRO measures parafunctional EMG activity, oxygen saturation, body position and snore sounds. Knowing the relationships between clenching/grinding, snoring, sleep position and oxygen desaturation levels enables the dentist to build a correct treatment plan. Minimizing parafunctional EMG activity can save $1000’s in warranty work and hours of chair time. Screening patients for Bruxism may save the patient’s smile before permanent tooth wear occurs.

Snoring is not a medical condition so dentists are free to help their patients with this complaint.  The GEMPro offers all the channels needed to professionally distinguish patients who snore vs. those who have an underlying airway issue.  "Measure and Know" your patients so you can treat them appropriately.


THE diagnostic tool for resolving excessive night time tooth wear

Screen patients before the damage

Know WHEN to treat, WITH what appliance, and WHEN to refer for medical consultation

Easy-to-use tablet APP and under $1 per patient to operate


Mandibular stabilizing Bruxism appliance

Hold the mandible in a neutral position

4 adjustable positions to fit occlusion differences.

Available as a chairside fabricated transitional appliance

Know if stabilizing the jaw resolves underlying issues


Apnea Monitor

Partner with a Licensed Physician and diagnose Sleep Apnea

Diagnosis includes treatment recommendations including oral appliance therapy when appropriate

Buy, rent or lease the most widely used Medical Grade Sleep Testing technology